Til hovedinnhold
Coronavirus and folk high schools
Folk high schools are planning to be open as normal in the autumn. The admissions process for the next school year is well under way. Find available places here!

Norwegian Language

These schools are offering courses in Norwegian language for international students.
The number of hours of instruction per week will vary from school to school.

Agder FolkehøgskoleNorwegian Language and Culture
Elverum folkehøgskuleNorwegian - Culture/Adventure
Folkehøgskolen SørlandetInternasjonal - Catch Norway
Harstad FolkehøgskoleNorsk for flerspråklige
Høgtun Folkehøgskole+ Learning Norwegian
Pasvik FolkehøgskoleNorwegian language and culture
Rønningen folkehøgskoleNorwegian Language and Culture
Stavern folkehøyskoleDiscover Norway (culture & language)