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Norwegian Language and Culture

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Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway in the heart of the fjords. Bergen has the ideal combination of nature, culture, and exciting urban life all year around.

At Fana folkehøgskule you can gain fluency in the Norwegian language, make lifelong friends, and explore the Norwegian culture.

You will learn about Norwegian culture, history, geography, and society by travelling and experiencing Norway firsthand.

Most classes are taught in Norwegian. However, all staff members and students speak English. After a year at Fana folkehøgskule, you can expect to speak and understand Norwegian reasonably well. Your level of proficiency will depend on your own efforts, but living in a Norwegian-speaking environment gives you a great advantage when learning the language.

Norwegian language as a major subject or as an elective

You can select Norwegian language as a major subject or as an elective. Students who select Norwegian language as a major subject follow the course Norwegian Language and Culture. Students who select Norwegian language as an elective, can follow any of the other courses at the school as their major subject.

Norwegian experiences

Norwegian culture

Norwegian history and society

Discover the Norwegian fjords and mountains

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

Duration: 4 days

Discover the Norwegian fjords and mountains by boat, bus and train.

Early in the autumn, we take the students on a trip to get to know the region a bit. There are many great places to visit nearby.

The West Norwegian Fjords are among the most dramatic and spectacular landscapes in existence. We travel around Vestlandet to experience the beautiful fjord landscape,  world famous hikes, dramatic waterfalls, and mighty glaciers. 

Early september is perfect for hiking in Norway. Hiking is more than reaching a final destination. If you manage to stay present and take in the beauty of nature along the way – the sights, smells and small details – you will experience the essence of what we call friluftsliv.Then you will also understand why hiking is tightly connected to kos (cosiness)– the unique Norwegian word for having a good time.

We travel environmentally friendly and discover the region by boat, bus and train.

Field trips in and around Bergen

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

There will be many trips in and around Bergen during the year.

We can visit places like:

  • Troldhaugen, the home of the composer Edvard Grieg, and other attractions in Bergen
  • Voss, one of the top outdoors destinations i Norway
  • Museums in Bergen
  • Historical city walks in the town centre
  • The music and art scene in Bergen
  • Theater performances and concerts
  • The coast line around Bergen
  • The famous Seven Mountains around Bergen
  • Hiking, camping trips and outdoor activities

Norwegian winter adventure

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

Duration: 6 days

Winter adventure by train and bus.

From Bergen we travel east to visit Oslo, the capital of Norway, and the Olympic city Lillehammer, perhaps the best place to experience the Norwegian winter.

We go by train, over the winter mountain, to Oslo. In Oslo we will visit the famous Munch Museum and The National Museum. The museums offer world class exhibitions, and an oustandig programme of events and activities. There will also be an opportunity to visit The Norwegian Opera and Ballet and see some of the most visited attractions in Oslo.

After a few days i Oslo we travel north to Lillehammer.

The Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen region is a renowned winter sports destination, and can offer some of the best cross-country skiing in the world – over 2000 km of trails to choose from. All the alpine centres are within easy reach of Lillehammer town centre, and offer numerous descents of varying levels of difficulty.

Lillehammer – in the heart of Norway – is the ideal destination for anyone in search of amazing adventures in the great outdoors. This is your chance to have a real Norwegian winter experience. If we're lucky, we'll also get to experience the northern lights.

From Lillehammer we go by bus back to Bergen. 

Bli-kjent-tur til Voss

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

Duration: 2-3 dager

We're going to Voss to experience the nature of the west coast and get to know each other better.

During the start of the school year, the entire school travels to Voss. There, we stay at the Voss hostel and spend our days doing various activities to get to know each other better.

Some of the activities include:

  • Volleyball Games and competitions
  • Quiz
  • Easy hiking

"Blåtur" in Western Norway

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

Duration: 2 dager

Towards the end of the school year, we go on a joint "blåtur" to an unknown place in Western Norway.

The term "blåtur" may not be that well known, but many people have been on a "blåtur" without knowing that's what it's called. A "blåtru"r is simply a surprise trip - where you join the trip, but have no idea where the trip will take you. A trip "out of the blue", if you will.

This is primarily a social trip that we take to have a nice end to the school year.

At the folk high school, you're allowed to be social and have fun together. Here, we have safe boundaries that allow you to be with friends and have fun.

Come along to Bergen

As a student at Fana Folk High School, you will become familiar with Bergen.

Bergen has a vibrant cultural scene. Throughout the year, we go to theater performances, exhibitions, and concerts.

The city also hosts a variety of festivals. During the school year, there are international film festivals, theater festivals, and music festivals in the city.

You also have time to explore the city on your own. Go to the cinema, stroll around and observe the city's life, go up to Fløyen or have a coffee at one of the cozy cafes.

Creative main subjects and many elective subjects

The school has many different main subjects. This creates a school environment with diversity and many different types of people.

You immerse yourself in the main subject with your class throughout the school year.

In addition, you choose from many exciting elective subjects. You choose elective subjects several times during the school year and can choose new subjects each time.

Safe and educational trips

We have a joint start-up trip at the beginning of the year. This is a cozy low-threshold trip that everyone participates in.

All the main subjects go on study trips. Some travel abroad and others stay in Norway. Our study trips combine academic content with social community on the trip.

Get to know Norwegian language and culture

During a year at a folk high school in Bergen, you will make Norwegian friends, learn some Norwegian, and get to know Norwegian culture and society.

Our language courses are suitable for beginners and students with som previous knowledge of Norwegian. After a year at Fana folk high school, you can expect to understand and speak Norwegian reasonably well.


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