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Setesdal Folkehøgskule

Setesdal folkehøgskule - experience the adventure!

We can offer a place of total 87 students at our school. We offer classes in Paragliding,Climbing and steep outdoor, Tourism, NLCN.

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Who we are

We develop independent people through their passion for subjects and classes that we offer.

All classes will offer you experience and adventure.

We are offering the following courses: Paragliding and outdoor life, Climbing and steep outdoor activities, Tourism, Anno Setesdal, and Norwegian language, culture and nature.

These are the facilities around the school: Gym, spinning room, soccerfield, basketball/volleyball/badminton/floorball field, swimming hall and a sauna.

We also have a track field and a tenniscourt in the vicinity. We have big alpine skiing areas not too far away from the school plus a scenic nature surrounding us.

Through a year at our climbing course you will be left with learning and experiences that you probably will remember for the rest of your life. The Norwegian nature will captivate you through its challenges and experiences.

NLCN will let you meet some of the special local culture of Setesdal, and you will meet different cultures and ways of living in more areas. We also plan for a trip to the exotic Svalbard/Spitsbergen and Lofoten, and probably a trip with Hurtigruten.

Tourism plans to go to Asia and Iceland, but also to develope local tourism and destinations, festivals, etc.

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