Til hovedinnhold

Experience outdoor recreation in the southern mountains of Norway.

Learn about outdoor recreation in a safe environment where the focus is on having fun outdoors.
Building a fire, hiking mountains, fishing, hunting, climbing "via ferrata", camping outdoors in tents, snow caves or cabins. 
In the winter we use snowshoes or skis.  You will also experience riding a snowmobile. 
The teacher will try and accommodate all levels so everyone may push themselves and build their abilities. 

At Setesdal Folkehøgskule we stimulate students to follow their passion and develop themselves through the subjects and courses that we offer.

Choose one of the following courses and embark on an unforgettable journey:

Norwegian Life and Language

Paragliding - Extreme Sport

Climbing and Steep Outdoors

Small-scale Agriculture

Tourism Europa

Leadership and Management/Internship

Our Folkehøgskule is surrounded by magnificent nature that offers endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts, from hiking to skiing and fishing to kayaking.

At the school we have our own sports hall and there is a gym, spinning room, soccerfield, basketball/volleyball/badminton/floorball field, swimming hall with sauna as well as a track field and a tenniscourt in the vicinity.

Through a year at our climbing course you will be left with learning and experiences that you probably will remember for the rest of your life. The Norwegian nature will captivate you through its challenges and experiences.

NLCN will let you meet some of the special local culture of Setesdal, and you will meet different cultures and ways of living in more areas. We also plan for a trip to the exotic Svalbard/Spitsbergen and Lofoten, and probably a trip with Hurtigruten.

Tourism plans to go to Asia and a European city. Learn about tourism and outdoor recreation. 

Courses at the school

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