Til hovedinnhold

Meet and become friends with people from all over the world! Explore Norwegian culture and learn how to understand and speak Norwegian. Choose between 9 main courses!

The ‘Learning Norwegian’ class takes place two to four times a week, during the the time the other Norwegian students have elective subjects and seminars. International students are required to take the Learning Norwegian course unless they are already fluent in Norwegian. Usually about 10 % of the students are international students.

Beside Learning Norwegian, you get to choose a main course, a plus course in both the fall and winter and a school trip. This diverse subject range creates a new and exciting experience daily with all the different activities and opportunities at Høgtun!

During the course of the year you learn to speak Norwegian and get an incredible introduction to Norwegian culture and history. International students are also exposed to a lot of culture by living with other Norwegian students in a dorm.

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

Duration: 5 dager

Meals included per day: 4

In february, we go to Oppdal for a week in Winter Wonderland. The whole school go together, and you get to learn how to ski. You will get instruction at your level, in alpine skiing, the unique Norwegian telemark technique, snowboarding or cross country skiing - your choice. We visit Oppdal Skiing Resort, and you will get lift tickets for 5 days. This is an unique opportunity to improve your skiing technique - or learn something totally new!

International student at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole!

As an international student at Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole you will attend to the "International course". Here you will learn the Norwegian language.

You will combine this with one of our nine "major subjects" whithin sports, outdoor life and arts. This way you will experience one year at a traditional Norwegian folk high school while learning the Norwegian language at the same time. The school has 100 students and about 10 of these are foreign students with no knowledge of the Norwegian language. These students constitute the international course.

We have much experience in hosting internationals, and strive to give you the best information in how to apply and to get here.

Nordvestlandet folkehøgskole is located in the county Møre og Romsdal which is famous for its beautiful nature and many fjords. Among them the Geiranger fjord which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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