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Music Performance Production

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Production and performance of music, both own and cover. Play different instruments together or alone. Studio recording and live shows. Experience concerts. Study trip to Berlin.

On this subject, you can individually, or in collaboration with others, develop yourself on different instruments both by performing and producing music. We will experience touring life in Norway, and find inspiration through various concert venues at home and abroad.

The content of the line:

Line trip to Berlin

We visit the music metropolis Berlin, where we seek out various venues for performing and producing music. There is a huge variety of different clubs that perform music in all possible genres and this city is truly a music lover's eldorado. We want to visit professional music studios and learn about how they work.


The school has various instruments and equipment. Feel free to bring your own instrument(s). Music Performance Production is a new line at Karmøy Folkehøgskule and you as a student will help develop and shape the line.


Remember that Karmøy Folkehøgskule is the school where you choose 2 lines. This means that if you choose the line Music Performance Production - you choose one of these lines in addition: OutdoorActivity Extreme - Focus Asia & Japan - Backpack Photo Asia - Explore Norway & Iceland - Golf - Vocal & Performance - Energyboost - Tasty FoodExperience - Focus Europe

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

Duration: Ca 10-14 dager

Meals included per day: 2

We visit the music metropolis Berlin, where we seek out different arenas for performing and producing music. There is a large selection of different clubs that play music in all possible genres, and this city is truly an eldorado for music lovers. We want to visit professional music studios and learn about how they work.

Da vi har spennende utenlandsturer på begge linjene du som elev går på, har vi valgt å legge fellesturene til vakre og spennende omgivelser i Norden.
Foruten flere felles skoleturer setter vi også av tid til fellesarrangementer som:

  • konserter,
  • kinoforestillinger
  • seminar
  • foredrag utenfor skolens område. 

Mandatory: Yes

Price: 7 000

Foruten alle skolens linjeturer til innland- og utland ser vi for oss en felles skoletur til Preikestolen og Stavanger. Skolen ønsker også at våre elever får delta på lokale kulturelle arrangement i skolens nærmiljø, dvs på Haugalandet. Dette er feks spennende konserter, kinoforestillinger, teater mm.

Karmøy Folk High School: - the school where you choose 2 subjects!

Chose one subject from 1 and one from 2

Subjects choose 1:

  • Focus Europe including an interrail trip and visiting different island in Norway and the Mediterranean
  • X-Sport including a trip to Thailand
  • Outdoor-activity Sea (Friluftsliv Sjø in Norwegian) including a trip to Croatia with diving classes and island hopping with 2 sailboats
  • BRO Africa including a trip to Kenya
  • BRO South America including a trip to Brazil and Argentina
  • Bakery & Pastry (Baker & Konditor in Norwegian including a trip to Paris and Brussel
  • Music Performance Production including a trip to Berlin
  • Football Europe Inkluding a trip to England and Italy
  • Fashion Clothes Design/Redesign including a trip to London - Paris

Subjects choose 2:

  • Energyboost including a trip to a training camp in Lanzarote
  • Focus Asia & Japan including a trip to Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan
  • Outdoor-activity Extreme (Friluftsliv Extreme in Norwegian) including a trip to the Alps for fantastic skiing and snowboarding
  • Tasty FoodExperience including a trip to Toscana in Italy
  • Vocal & Performance including a trip to New York
  • Backpack Photo Asia including a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Explore Norway& Iceland - including a trip to Reykjavik (Iceland) and trips in the western part of Norway
  • Golf including a trip to Spain and Poland
  • Focus Europe including an interrail trip and visiting different islands in Norway and in the Mediterranean

BRO is the shortness of the Norwegian words Bistand-Reise-Oppdrag. They can direct translate to Aid, Travel and Assignment.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need some more information for the subject.

In addition to the subject, you can choose between several different electives as:

Norwegian, Soccer, Film, Photo, PR, Guitar, Knitting, Baking, Food making, Sewing, different training programs, choir, teambuilding, Volleyball, Multisport, Dans and much more.


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