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How about a year with all the best stuff a folk highschool has to offer? A year to learn, improve, make new friends and have a great time all together?

At Musikk Ski Snowboard you will be able to combine your interest in winter sports and your interest in music. Experiences, friendship and unity is what makes the school year fantastic.

In music we spilt the group into different bands and play different styles of music, and also play conserts at different locations. You will advance on your instrument, and get the opportunity to play an instrument you haven't played before. The school has a good selection of instruments you can borrow. We also go to conserts to see other bands play. Teaching takes place both in classrooms, practice rooms,  in the studio and on stage.

When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, we ride where the snow is good. When there is powder, we ride the powder! If the conditions in the park are good, we spend the time there. We mainly ride in Hafjell where they have good trails and a good park area. We have good camera equipment at the school, so we have the opportunity to film training sessions. A short time after Easter, we go to different ski resorts in Norway. During the trip we ski and snowboard during the day, and have concerts in the evening. We stay in cabins and apartments and have an altogether awesome time.Send us an email or look at our facebook page if you want to see more.


Fellestur til Beito

Pris: Inkludert i linjepris

I begynnelsen av september reiser vi til Jotunheimen på bli kjent tur. Det blir mange turalternativer og fantastisk god mat. Vi bor på Grønolen, og det er mulig å teste høydeskrekken.

Fellestur til en europeisk storby.

Pris: Inkludert i linjepris

Hvert år tar skolen noen turer i både innland og utland. Vi tar blant annet turen til en europeisk storby. Her får alle ulike kulturelle opplevelser. Musikal står som regel på planen, samt museumsbesøk og mye mer. Hver linje har en dag der de selv bestemmer hva de ønsker å gjøre i den utvalgte byen. Høsten 2023 reiser vi til Stockholm.

We offer major subjects within these areas:

Psychology Pedagogy Leadership
Music Studio and Live
Competitive Instinct
Musical Exercise Broadway
China Korea and Japan studies
Music Ski Snowboard


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