Til hovedinnhold


Each school has its own website where you can find more information about their courses and the school itself.

Once you have decided which folk high school you are interested in, send an application to the school. You can apply to more than one school.

Make sure you have these documents ready when you start filling out the form. Your application must include:

Once the school receives your application, they will get in touch with you within a few weeks. If you are accepted, you will have a few weeks to consider the offer and pay a registration fee (approximately NOK 2500). You will receive more information from the school about how to pay the registration fee.

Photo: Torkild Groven, Karmøy folkehøgskule

No application deadline

There is no deadline for applying to a folk high school. Students are admitted until the school is full or until the beginning of the school year.

However, if you are a student from outside the European Union (EU), schools strongly encourage early application and they will give you give an answer within a few weeks. As soon as you are admitted, you will need to apply for a residence permit. This can take up to several months.

Courses in Norwegian language and culture usually fill up quickly. We generally recommend early application, especially for students outside of the EU who need to apply for visa. To ensure that you can get a residence permit in time, you can apply as early as October (for a school start in August of the following year).

The application process:

Some foreign applicants must pay a fee to the school before applying for a residence permit

Photo: Torkild Groven, Karmøy folkehøgskule