Til hovedinnhold


Every year, many international students attend folk high school in Norway. Some come because they want to learn the Norwegian language and immerse themselves in the culture, some see it as a first step to settling in Norway, and some want to experience the unique pedagogical approach of folk high schools.

Folk high schools have a big presence in the Nordic countries, but are relatively unknown in the rest of the world. The pedagogical focus is on the students’ motivation, which is why the schools do not have exams or give grades. We believe that you learn the most if you want to learn.

Norway’s folk high schools welcome international students; they add exciting diversity at school and can give us new insights into how Norwegian students view the world.

As part of the pedagogical arrangement, you live at the school around the clock, together with your fellow students. You eat all your meals at school.

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Many possibilities

You can choose a line that is specially adapted for non-Norwegian speakers. You can also choose a normal line. If you don’t speak Norwegian, the school will accommodate you, but you will be expected to eventually learn enough Norwegian to keep up with the conversations.

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You can choose from more than 80 folk high schools scattered throughout Norway. The schools vary in size, location and line structure.

A folk high school year lasts nine months, from August to May.  Most students attend folk high school right after graduating from high school (upper secondary school). Most folk high school students are between 18 and 25 years old. Folk high schools never have an upper age limit.

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