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Police, Guards and Emergency Preparedness

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At The Police, Security and Emergency Preparedness course at Stord Folk High School you can take the first step towards the Police College. At the same time you take the National Guard education.

Are you ready for an educational, exciting and perhaps life-changing Folk High School-year?

This will be a content-rich, exciting but also demanding school year, where we have a strong focus on physical activity. You will take national security training in collaboration with Securitas, learn about first aid, fire safety and much more. There will also be many exciting activities such as shooting, exercises with the rescue company, introduction to fire and rescue and much more.

Everything in the folk high school's social community.

Are you ready to grow as a person and challenge yourself? Then you are most welcome to Stord Folkehøgskule.

Mandatory: Nei

Price: 18 000

Meals included per day: 2

Road trip i USA. USA-turen består blant annet besøk til New York og Washington. En unik studietur hvor vi besøker 11. september monumentet samt museet, her vil vi få et større innblikk i hvordan beredskapsressursene samhandlet og virket under terrorangrepet. Videre går turen til USAs hovedstad, Washington hvor vi besøker 1 og 2 verdenskrigmonument og andre spennande serverdigheiter.

Det vil selvfølgelig bli anledning til å bare være turist og shoppe og mye mer.

Vil du reisa her må du huske at du kan komme til å trenge pass!

Denne reisen er med på å gi nye perspektiv på egen tilværelse samt større forståelse av betydningen av beredskapen i et moderne samfunn.

Våre turar er unike opplevingar som ofte er vanskeleg å gjennomføra på eigahand, som fjordcruise med veteranskip i nydelege Hardangerfjorden. Du vil reisa på ulike turar nært og fjernt. Nokre turar er knytt opp til dei enkelte linjene, medan andre er felles for skulen.

Veteranship MS Sunnhordland - West Coast tour

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

The school year gets off to a flying start with the whole school travelling on a veteran ship, the MS Sunnhordland, into the beautiful Hardangerfjord and around the archipelago of Sunnhordland. Me experience many great stops and enjoy beautiful scenery and unique straits onboard a historic ship!

Winter adventure

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

When winter comes, we travel to Hovden for days of skiing and alpine skiing. You can enjoy cross-country skiing in flat terrain, slalom, tobogganing, summit tours, steep hills or very steep hills. Something for all levels!

Learn about Norway, and study Norwegian at Stord Folkehøgskule.

Stord Folkehøgskule is a free-spirited folk high school. Here you can enjoy urban life in Stord, the city in the middle of nature, situated in the heart of the archipelago Sunnhordland, at the heart of the renowed Hardangerfjorden. The school has nine exciting and varied courses, including one course dedicated to learning the language and culture. We also have many fun and interesting electives, newly renovated buildings and a highly motivated staff ready to receive you. We have room for more than 100 students and we have students from all of Norway and around the world.

Read more about our Norwegian Fjords, Foods and Culture course here!

Why choose Stord?

  • Because you want friends for life, and experience a lot of new things in a good social community.
  • Follow your interests, teaming up with others with their interests.
  • Have fun electives to fill up the year with what you are curious about!
  • An active and urban center, with many exciting leisure activities at the same time as you get an incredibly short way to the fjord, the mountains, small islands, forests and fields with access to different kinds of equipment.
  • You will learn about how you make things happen in society, companies, festivals or events.

At Stord Folkehøgskule, we gather different people with different interests under one roof. Here you spend time with the students on the same course as you as well as many others from our other courses. Add exciting electives with everything from sports, creative subjects to climbing and escape room and you wil have a fantastic school year!

Stord Folkehøgskule believes in the best in people, our diversity and community strengthens us.

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