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Internasjonal - Catch Norway

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This is the perfect course for students who want to learn more about norwegian language and culture.

At international, our goal is to give you the basic understanding of our language - be able to undertand both speach and text ant to be able to make yourself understood. In the beginning we strive to make you able to comomunicate in Norwegian as soon as possible.

At Birkeland, the nature is right outside our living room, so to speak, and to make use of it in different ways, is natural in Norwegian culture. We would like to show you these treasures as well as the scenic cities nearby for concerts, food and sightseeing. Of course, to top it all off, we visit the spectacular "Preikestolen", a mountain formation that is one of the most popular places to see in Norway - you will see why when you get there.

One day a week, you can choose to join the time schedule for one of the other courses at our school. This is a great way to make Norwegian friends and to "soak up" som language skills in addition to do something you love. You can choose from:

At Sørlandet we offer a wide range of courses for Norwegian students and a "Norwegian language and culture" course for international students. This is a course for students who wish to learn to speak Norwegian, and learn about our culture. We also offer major subjects within these areas: Computing, Music, Sports, Football, Health, Car repair, Children and Youth, Global Focus.

International class

This is a very good opportunity to learn about the norwegian language and culture! We offer a beautiful, idyllic scenery in combination with friends for a lifetime!

Come explore it with us!

Will we meet any trolls? - Well, We will not tell you just jet ;)


Please visit www.fhssorlandet.no for more information in english.

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