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Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet

Folkehøgskolen Sørlandet (Folk high school Sørlandet) is a Norwegian boarding school. We offer a wide range of courses for Norwegian students, and a course for international students in Norwegian language and culture.

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At Sørlandet we offer a wide range of courses for Norwegian students and a "Norwegian language and culture" course for international students. This is a course for students who wish to learn to speak Norwegian, and learn about our culture. We also offer major subjects within these areas: Computing, Music, Sports, Football, Health, Car repair, Children and Youth, Global Focus.

International class

This is a very good opportunity to learn about the norwegian language and culture! We offer a beautiful, idyllic scenery in combination with friends for a lifetime!

Come explore it with us!

Will we meet any trolls? - Well, We will not tell you just jet ;)


Please visit www.fhssorlandet.no for more information in english.

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