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Personal data protection and cookies

The folk high schools in Norway are obliged to ensure secure processing of personal data from applicants and users.

It is important for us that you understand how we process your personal data. This personal data protection declaration explains which data we collect, how we collect and use it. This page contains information on how we process personal data.

The folk high schools in Norway are governed by Norwegian law, and we comply at all times with the prevailing regulations for personal data protection and processing of such data. We process personal data on the grounds of the consent provided by individual users of folkehogskole.no, unless otherwise specified.

Data collected in connection with the operation of folkehogskole.no is stored on our own servers, operated by our supplier. Only the folk high schools and subcontractors have access to the personal data collected.

You can find more information on personal data protection and issues relating to personal data on the Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s website.

Cookies are small text files that are saved to your PC. They contain information on the websites you visit, among other things. Cookies allow us to register how you use folkehogskole.no and to continually improve our web pages so they are simpler and better to use.

Who can see this information?

We use the information internally within our organisation. We do not use cookies to generate statistics, and we are therefore not able to trace your use of the website back to you as an individual. We ensure that the personal data you provide is not misused, cf. the regulations in the Norwegian Personal Data Act. This applies, for example, to the information you enter in forms you submit, information on how you use the website and all other information logged when you visit. Our cookies cannot spread malicious software or harm your PC in any way.

  • Necessary cookies: We use cookies to remember the selections you have made on our website and to increase user-friendliness. These are deleted once your visit has ended. As a result, any future visit you make to our website will be more rapid and customised to your personal choices. If you deactivate these cookies, we cannot guarantee that the website will function as intended.
  • Session-specific cookies: These are used, e.g., to register that a person has visited our website. They are deleted once your visit has ended.
  • Third-party cookies: These are cookies from a different domain. They are used to collect statistics on visits, so we can improve the experience for users visiting our website. Google Analytics is the statistics tool we use.


We also use cookies in cooperation with third-party players (Facebook, AppNexus and Adform) to provide you with relevant and adapted marketing on other websites you visit. The cookies used for this purpose only contain information on the pages you have visited on our website, and not information that could identify you as a person.

The folk high schools in Norway collect anonymous information on visitors to folkehogskole.no. The tool we use to collect these statistics is Google Analytics.

We collect Internet statistics, so we can improve our website and measure functionality. Examples of the results of these statistics are how many people visit our website, which pages they visit, how long their visit lasts, the websites from which the visitors originated, and the browsers used.

Read more about Google Analytics and personal data protection here

If you apply to a folk high school, we register your name, personal identification number and contact information. The purpose of registering this information is to administer your application(s) to the different folk high schools. The information is stored in WisWeb, the administrative system for the individual folk high schools. If you would like a print-out of your personal data stored, you must directly contact the folk high school to which you have applied.


You are entitled to receive information from us on which personal data we have registered about you. If this data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can demand that the data be corrected or deleted, in accordance with prevailing legislation.

If you require information on the type of personal data registered about you, would like access to/correction/deletion of the data registered about you, or have general questions regarding the processing of personal data by the Norwegian folk high schools, you can contact us at post@folkehogskole.no