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Work creatively along with other ambitious students – on scene and in the studio. You get to develop as a musician by working individually and in a team in live concerts and studio projects.

In our Band class, musicians come together to give form to sensational experiences. Here you can live out your musical dream and ambitions while at the same time learn to hone your skills with the help your classmates.

We offer a practical, hands-on approach to music, of which concert projects and studio hours make out a significant part. But there is also a theoretical side. As in all the musical classes in the school, we offer courses in rhythm training, music theory, exposition techniques, and general field knowledge, in addition to helping you with any admission exam or test that you are planning on taking in the course of the year.

Who is this class suitable for?
This class is for those who are not new beginners and love music, for those who can work individually just as good as in teams. It is aimed for those who have some degree of ambition about what they want to achieve here.

You will learn:

What is expected from you:

This class requires a certain level of instrumental and musical ability, and we therefore ask you to send us a demo of yourself. It can be an audio tape or a live recording. You will receive more information about this in the admission process.

Mandatory: Nei

Price: 17 000

Duration: 10 dager

Meals included per day: 3

Bli med til Addis Abeba, hovedstaden i Etiopia, - et kultursentrum i Afrika.

Etiopia er det eneste landet i Afrika som aldri har vært kolonisert, og hovedstaden, Addis Abeba, med sine 10 millioner innbyggere er preget både av stolthet og afrikanske tradisjoner.  Hele 84 kulturtradisjoner kommer til uttrykk både i dans og musikk slik du finner dem på scenene i Addis Abeba.

Rønningen har gode kontakter i Addis Abeba. Fendika Cultural Center, med sin leder Melaku Belay, er hjertet i samarbeidet vårt på kultursiden. Melaku er leder av senteret, han er selv danser og koreograf, men også musikkprodusent og en av Etiopias største kulturpersonligheter. Han leder bandene Fendika Band og Ethiocolor, som har turnert verden rundt, og bl a opptrådt på både Roskilde-festivalen, Molde Jazz og Oslo World Music festival. Disse bandene har sine røtter i etiopisk tradisjonell musikk, som spilles på tradisjonelle instrumenter, men låter litt som el-fiolin, gitar, bass og trommer, slik vi kjenner det - bare i et afrikansk tonespråk. Hos Fendika er det konserter hver dag, både jazz og tradisjonell afrikansk musikk.

Men Addis Abeba har mer å by på, og Rønningen samarbeider også med våre partnere i YMCA og i Kirkens Nødhjelp. YMCA har 3 avdelinger i Addis Abeba, og deres arbeid omfatter både fredsarbeid, sosiale utviklingsprogrammer, utdanningsprogrammer, samt helse og fitness programmer. Hos Kirkens Nødhjelp kan vi se hvordan de arbeider med vann, klima og fredsarbeid.

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A perfect environment in which to deepen your knowledge about Norwegian language, Norwegian culture, intercultural understanding – and yourself. 

You will receive 200 hours basic Norwegian course, with an option to add 50 hours for an even higher level.

In addition to the Norwegian course, you will also attend one of the school`s linjer togheter with other norwegian students. You can choose between these linjer: sports, art, music production, photo, singing and dancing.

We believe this is the ultimate combination to get you from a beginners level to a conversational level much faster, because you spend time on a activity that you love, together with other norwegian speaking students. 

You are invited to attend a study trip abroad with your choosen linje.

The whole school will also go on exciting trips during the year; we will explore wonderful Nordmarka, go skiing in Hallingdal and stay at Strandheim campsite by the Oslofjord.

We strive to give every student challenges on their level, based on their background and goals. A variety of teaching methods are used, and the teacher encourages you to build awareness on what are your best ways to learn and develop. 

As our school is the only folkehøgskole situated in Oslo you have a unique chance to explore the capital city of Norway and all the opportunities this city can offer.

Welcome to a year at Rønningen folkehøgskole!


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