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Take the pictures you have dreamt about! PhotoVideo is the place for those who want to tell the best stories with pictures and films.

In the PhotVideo class, we learn to brew every-day magic by focusing on the same objective: to have fun while working together trying to tell those stories.

The school lies in Oslo. The capital city is waiting for us. You receive a travel card from the school, with which you have access to the city’s public transport, that puts you a half-hour away from most locations in the city, be it sea, city center, or forest. But this vicinity also means that we collaborate with various medias in the city, we visit well-known photographers and TV-studios, go to expositions, participate in workshops, and explore the city on our own. 

Who is this class suitable for?
For everyone who wants to take photos and make films. Whether you are a new beginner or pro, we organize classes on the level each student is at.

You will learn:

What is expected from you:

The following equipment you must bring from home: 
Single-lens reflex camera or hybrid camera from brands like: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic or Olympys. 

Teacher: sture@ronningen.fhs.no 

Mandatory: Nei

Price: 15 500

Meals included per day: 3

Every year thousands of photographers and designers travel to Berlin to be inspired, and among them, us. For a period of up to three weeks, we will live there as artists and make one of the world’s creative meccas to our own.

Here a contrast plays out between the emerging but still unknown young art scene and the biggest stars at international level. Berlin enjoys a plethora of artistic arenas, from the underground to the hippy and punk culture, from the urban to magnificent green areas all in beautiful harmony. Old architecture meets modern neighborhoods where the Berlin wall once took up space.

We explore political street art, visit markets – or perhaps you fancy settling down for a picnic on a decommissioned airport? We study old masters in the numerous museums and visit photographers and designers to see how they work. We experience cultures and foods from all over the world (Berlin has the world’s best kebab!!), in addition to fantastic flea markets. When we are not occupied by working with our own projects, we go and see all from underground project studios, well hidden from most, to fancy and more commercial galleries in remodeled factories. On the way back, we stop at the beach city Warnemünde, where we find the peace to draw and take pictures on the shore before heading back to Oslo again

The Goal In addition to the Norwegian course you will get the opportunity to participate in various cultural activities, and study different subjects together with Norwegian students both inside and outside Rønningen.

This contributes to your integration, and makes it easy to get to know Norwegian fellow students and thus practise your Norwegian.

Content 300 hours of Norwegian Language
Introduction to Norwegian Culture, history and way of life
Intercultural Communication and Understanding

Rønningen is a boarding school in the Nordic Folk High School tradition. The school can accommodate up to 170 students in single or double rooms.

Students come from all over Norway and many other parts of the world. The school year is 33 weeks and runs from mid-August to mid-May. Excellent communicative english skills are required.

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