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Journeys for Justice: Palestina / Sør-Afrika

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Do you want to do something with the injustice in the world? Do you want to find out more about racism and the causes of poverty and conflict? This is your class you`ll be doing this firsthand!

We travel to South Africa and Israel/Palestine to work with mediation, activism, and trying to influence political decision-making. The learning process includes exercises and role games, the making of life-changing acquaintances and going to inspiring lectures, participating in discussions and the entailing reflections. Group projects and excursions are salient aspects of the learning process. We attend debates and take part in demonstrations, go to theaters and try to benefit as much as we can of the rich cultural and social life of the city. 

Who is this class suitable for?
Global Understanding is for anyone who already plays an active role in trying to improve society. But also for anyone who wishes to take their first steps in such process, and do so with the right insight. You must be able to communicate in Norwegian (Lessons are mainly given in Norwegian)

You will learn about:

What is expected from you:


Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

Meals included per day: 3

During the trip to Palestine and Israel you will be able to experience firsthand what the life of Palestinians in the West Bank is like. But also, how it is to be Israelis in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and in settlements in the territories of West Bank. We have quarters in Bethlehem, and from there we will be able to visit the cities of Jerusalem, Ramallah, Hebron, and other destinations in West Bank.

South Africa

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

Meals included per day: 3

From Johannesburg to Cape Town, we will also be exploring and uncovering the contrasts filling South Africa. We will find that it is the country with most inequalities between rich and poor, although apartheid has officially been abolished. In this trip, the unique possibility to meet and get to know people from different social backgrounds and in contrasting life situations offers itself. And this in the form of a tight two/ two and a half week long program in this sunny, but polarized, country.

In Soweto we go on a bicycle safari. There, we explore the areas that made South Africa rich on gold and maybe you will get the chance to stay some nights with a host family before we embark on a real safari.

In Cape Town we shall see Nelson Mandela’s prison cell and get to know local youth, that will be telling us about their lives, their challenges, and their possibilities. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the sight of the city from exciting perspectives, from the heights of Table Mountain to other beautiful places in “the world’s best city”.


Mandatory: Nei

Price: Included in course price

På Rønningen utforsker vi Oslo gjennom hele skoleåret, både på linje og som felles aktiviteter. I felleskap bruker vi gjerne kulturtilbudet i Oslo når det er arrangementer som Oslo Kulturnatt og Elvelangs, men vi drar også ofte på museer, teater eller landskamp på Ullevål. Oslo har masse å by på både faglig og kulturelt!

Men du kan også velge OSLOVE - studietur i egen by som en av våre studieturer.  Her fordyper vi oss enda mer i hva Oslo som storby har å by på.

Dette er et gratis tilbud som alle kan velge som et alternativ til de andre studieturene

Vi bor hjemme på Rønningen, og utforsker ulike sider av byen vår herfra - fra øst til vest, i sentrum og ved fjorden. Vi møter den historiske byen slik den viser seg på ulike steder i byen. Oslo er den grønneste byen i Norge, og dette møter vi på flere arenaer. Og ikke minst er Oslo en by med ulikheter, både fra øst til vest, og på tvers av kulturelle og befolkningsmessige preferanser. Vi opplever enda mer av det Oslo har å by på, både kunst og kultur, flerkultur i Oslo, ulike severdigheter og opplevelser. Et dypdykk i Oslo.

Fellestur i Nordmarka

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

På Rønningen har vi også flere fellesturer i løpet av året. Da drar vi på tur, alle elever og lærere sammen!

I oppstarten av skoleåret, pakker vi med oss sovepose og turutstyr, spenner på sekken og legger i vei inn i Nordmarka. Vi er nærmeste nabo til marka rundt Oslo, og ingen annen storby kan skilte med et like attraktiv turtilbud som det Oslo har rundt hele byen. Vi bruker Nordmarkskappelet som base på turen vår inn i Nordmarka. 



Fellestur til Skarslia og Rødungstøl

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

I januar drar vi alle sammen til fjells. Vi overtar et høyfjellshotell øverst i Hallingdalen, og blir der noen dager.  Har kan vi gå turer på ski eller til fots, eller vi kan ake og bruke alpinbakkene på Skarslia Ski og Akesenter. Og ikke minst har vi det veldig trivelig på tur. 

Man kan kjøpe heiskort i bakken og også leie utstyr hos Skarslia Ski og Akesenter om man har behov for det.


Avslutningstur til Strandheim - Oslofjorden

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

Siste helg av skoleåret drar vi ut langs Oslofjorden, til Strandheim leirsted på Nærsnes i Asker. Her kan vi bade, spille fotball og volleyball, eller bare henge sammen på de store uteområdene ved fjorden. 



A perfect environment in which to deepen your knowledge about Norwegian language, Norwegian culture, intercultural understanding – and yourself. 

As an international student, you must choose between two options: 

Option 1:
Norwegian Language and Culture is your main course during the whole schoolyear. 

We strive to give every student challenges on their level, based on their background and goals. A variety og teaching methods are used, and the teacher encourages you to build awareness on what are your best ways to learn and develop. We visit cultural sites, museums, organizations etc. to gain a wider insight into Norway`s history and current society and way of life. 

Option 2: 
Your main course is based on your field of interest (music, art, sports, creative subjects). In this course you will study together with Norwegan peers - in Norwegian. As a complimentary subject you choose Norwegian language classes. This combination is the best way to get you from a beginners level fast as spending time on an activity you love and doing so among native speakers makes learning the language fun and easy.

You are invited to attend a study trip abroad with your choosen linje or choose to attend our free alternative: OSLOVE. As our school is the only folkehøgskole situated in Oslo you have a unique chance to explore the capital city of Norway and all the opportunities this city can offer.

The whole school will also go on exciting trips during the year; we will explore wonderful Nordmarka, go skiing in Hallingdal and stay at Strandheim campsite by the Oslofjord.

Welcome to a year at Rønningen folkehøgskole!  For more information, application forms etc, please press here


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