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In the Top Athletes class, you get the chance to fully focus on your sport in a motivating and inspiring environment, while at the same time being part of the school’s exciting community.

Who is this class suitable for?
Elite and evolved athletes, be it in individual or team sports.

You will learn about:

You will be able to enjoy:

What is expected from you:

In this class you will be given the help and means to optimize your daily training routine in order to develop as an athlete. This includes various things: facilitating significant amounts of training, having other athletes as roommates as to allow for enough rest, and a schedule shaped around the time necessary for training and restitution.The training facilities at Rønningen er excellent. All our students have access to our brand new facilities both during and after schooltime. Moreover, the school lies just outside Oslomarka, the city’s beautiful forest, which includes many kilometers of paths and gravel roads, that in winter are converted to ski tracks.

Teacher: astrid@ronningen.fhs.no 

Mandatory: Nei

Price: 13 500

Meals included per day: 3

During the month of November, the Top Athletes class will travel to Tenerife, the Canaries’ biggest island, for a one-week long training camp. Here there are good training facilities for varied training.

The Goal In addition to the Norwegian course you will get the opportunity to participate in various cultural activities, and study different subjects together with Norwegian students both inside and outside Rønningen.

This contributes to your integration, and makes it easy to get to know Norwegian fellow students and thus practise your Norwegian.

Content 300 hours of Norwegian Language
Introduction to Norwegian Culture, history and way of life
Intercultural Communication and Understanding

Rønningen is a boarding school in the Nordic Folk High School tradition. The school can accommodate up to 170 students in single or double rooms.

Students come from all over Norway and many other parts of the world. The school year is 33 weeks and runs from mid-August to mid-May. Excellent communicative english skills are required.

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