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Come and become a better football player by learning technique and tactics together with like-minded fellow students! You have the possibility to combine your classes here with playing in a club!

The Football class gives you a year in Oslo living twenty meters from the football field, sports hall, and a brand-new gym, not to mention an unforgettable training camp planned for you in Spain! If all this sounds good, then the Football class is just the right choice for you!

In collaboration with local clubs, we tailor your football training and career. Nevertheless, much of the training will take place either at school or in the vicinity, be it on our artificial grass field, our gym, the school’s multipurpose hall, or a football field not far.

There is a limited number of students that can be accepted in this class. The admission requirements are to be at a level parallel to the Norwegian’s top division’s fourth division or first junior division. 

What is included in the class:

Who is this class suitable for?
This is a class for those who have played football for many years. The admission requirements: You should hold a level equicalent to 1st - 4th division.

Mandatory: Nei

Price: 19 900

Duration: 15 dager

Meals included per day: 3

Throughout many years, Rønningen has brought its sports classes to Brazil for their study trip. This trip, which will bring us to Niteroi and Rio de Janeiro, consists of good doses of both sport and culture.

In Rio we visit the famous Christ the Redeemer statue and play many beach sports, that include beach volley, foot volley, sand football and spikeball. All this on some of the world’s most famous beaches: Copacabana and Ipanema. Here you will also find good surfing conditions. Our partner, Rio de Janeiro YMCA, boasts sporting facilities where we will play against Brazilian teams in different sports.

We will also visit favelas and play with their local youth teams. Here you will receive insights in the big differences that people experience living in Brazil, which will broaden your understanding of the world today.

It is a trip that you will never forget!

Rønningen offers an alternative to the trip abroad to all its students: a study trip in Oslo! This is a tuition-free alternative for those students that do not come along in the travels abroad.

A perfect environment in which to deepen your knowledge about Norwegian language, Norwegian culture, intercultural understanding – and yourself. 

You will receive 200 hours basic Norwegian course, with an option to add 50 hours for an even higher level.

In addition to the Norwegian course, you will also attend one of the school`s linjer togheter with other norwegian students. You can choose between these linjer: sports, art, music production, photo, singing and dancing.

We believe this is the ultimate combination to get you from a beginners level to a conversational level much faster, because you spend time on a activity that you love, together with other norwegian speaking students. 

You are invited to attend a study trip abroad with your choosen linje.

The whole school will also go on exciting trips during the year; we will explore wonderful Nordmarka, go skiing in Hallingdal and stay at Strandheim campsite by the Oslofjord.

We strive to give every student challenges on their level, based on their background and goals. A variety of teaching methods are used, and the teacher encourages you to build awareness on what are your best ways to learn and develop. 

As our school is the only folkehøgskole situated in Oslo you have a unique chance to explore the capital city of Norway and all the opportunities this city can offer.

Welcome to a year at Rønningen folkehøgskole!


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