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Musical Theatre spring season

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The Musical Theatre line at Sunnfjord Folkehøgskule will give you opportunity to develop in a professional environment and build a foundation for further training in the theatre or musikal fields.

Sunnfjord Folkehøgskole offers the only musical theatre program in Norway in which the acting classes are based on Meisner Technique, a famous American method of actor training. Meisner Technique develops honesty, bravery, and detailed observation in performance. Our focus on individual development means that previous experience is not as important as a desire to work hard and challenge yourself. We will be working with classical and modern texts from around the world. In addition to acting, students will learn vocal technique, text interpretation, stage combat, physical theatre and how actors can manage themselves as a business. Students will gain experience working on traditional stages and in site specific locations out in nature or in the city. Students will finish their year with a thorough understanding of acting and theatre, experience performing in a wide variety of genres, an increased ability of creative expression and a CV and showreel which will help them after they leave the school. In short, they will have an ideal foundation from which to continue their training or careers.

Students will benefit from masterclasses from visiting actors and directors from within Norway as well as from England and America.

Mandatory: Yes

Price: Included in course price

Studieturen går til New York - verdens mest spennande by, og teateret sin hovedstad. Der du vil få oppleve Broadway-shows og workshops med kjente skodespelarar, guida av linjelærar Jeff som har budd og jobba som regissør i New York. Jeff velger dei beste teaterstykkene i verda til deg. 

I tillegg til fagleg innhold vil du oppleve det beste innan mat, kultur og idrett som New York har å by på. Vi skal på kamp, konsert, tur rundt Central Park, besøke den kjende Friheitsgudinna, Chinatown, og The Empire State Building. Det blir tid til både shopping på 5th Avenue og jazz i Greenwich Village. 

The school is a Christian boarding school where friendship, mutual respect and understanding are important parts of our educational program. The school is open for students from all beliefs and religions.

The school is connected to a Norwegian lutheran missionary organisation (Normisjon) and our educational program is based on Christian principles.

The school situated 2 km from Førde, a town of about 12 000 inhabitants.

The dormitory includes 18 single rooms and 36 double rooms for a total of 110 students. We have seven dorm units, each with its own livingroom and a small kitchen. The dormes have mixed genders but there is always one gender in each room. Some of the rooms have a private bathroom at increased cost, some rooms have shared bathrooms with separat lockers.

The school is open to everyone whether your background is secondary school, grammar school, high school or experience from work. Most students are 19 years old and age limit is 18 years. Exceptionally we can take younger students.

Main Courses are found below:

In addition we have some common subjects and elective subjects that subject to change every year.

Courses at the school

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