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We offer a class for international students, who have an interest in Norway and Scandinavian culture. Perhaps you have Norwegian roots, and want to explore your ancestors culture and language? Or maybe you just like to travel and have dreamt of spending a year abroad.

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We invite you to participate in a one year study of Norwegian culture, nature and language. We offer a school environment with about 100 Norwegian students, who will enable you to practice language skills 24/7. These are students studying diverse subjects as watersports, hiking, traveling, kickboxing, gymnastics, music, theatre and other activities. In our electives you will have the opportunity to take part in all of the above and more.

As a part of Discover Norway you will be taken on study tours to beautiful and interesting destinations all over Norway. You will be able to take part in dog sledging under the northern lights, surrounded by wildlife in the vast wilderness, handcrafting, mountain hiking, snow-racing and other ´typical´ seasonal Norwegian activities.

The school is located in the scenic and historical coastal town of Stavern. The town is ranked as the most popular Norwegian summer destination many years in a row. Having the open ocean a few meters from our facilities enables heaps of opportunities.

Our study tours will include:

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Stavern folkehøyskole
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