Til hovedinnhold

Takes you through Norwegain nature, different sports activities and also to Australia and Sri Lanka.

Wide variety of sports and activities. Also different wild life experiences for all seasons. You will see the adventurous Norway by skiing, canooing, kayakking, climbing and more. You do not need high skills. Nice heated indoor sand arena for all seasons. Study trip to Australia and Sri Lanka.

The school is a Christian boarding school where friendship, mutual respect and understanding are important parts of our educational program. The school is open for students from all beliefs and religions.

The school is connected to a Norwegian lutheran missionary organisation (Normisjon) and our educational program is based on Christian principles.

The school situated 2 km from downtown Førde, a town of about 12 000 inhabitants.

The dormitory includes 18 single rooms and 36 double rooms for a total of 110 students. We have seven dorm units, each with its own sitting room and a small kitchen. The dormes have mixed genders, but there is always one gender in each room. Some of the rooms have a private bathroom at increased cost, some rooms have shared bathrooms.

The school is open to everyone whether your background is secondary school, grammar school, high school or experience from work. The average age of the students is 19 years and age limit is 18 years. Exceptionally we take younger students.

Main Courses:

  • E-sport Active (Computer games and sport activities)
  • Dancing and Sports
  • Mountain Skiing
  • Photography
  • Sport Adventure
  • Beacvolleyball
  • Volleyball

In addition we have some common subjects and elective subjects that can change every year.

Courses at the school

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