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Are you ready for an adventure in a safe and social environment, where you can learn and experience without exams and pressure, in a country with stunning nature and a different culture?

You are hereby invited to a unique type of Education for the Scandinavian countries. (We are convinced that the rest of the world is missing out!). Here`s why:

Our school is located in Stavern. Stavern town is known for its friendly atmosphere, numerous art galleries and a beautiful coastline. Stavern is small enough to be charming, and big enough to host several restaurants and facilities for Golf, Tennis, Gymnastics, Discgolf, Climbing, Concerts. Our school  have all the gear needed for kayaking, surfing and diving. Our class will be based on all of these possibilities.

At our very own campus you will find a gym, a sports hall, arts and crafts rooms, social rooms and a modern kitchen – all of the above available for our student in their free time.

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Here you can strengthen your interests, learn something new, become more confident in who you are and what you want in life.

Through courses of high professional quality, a large and varied menu of electives as well as a very good school environment, we give you the folk high school year you dream of.

The school has a versatile school facility in pleasant surroundings near the sea. Teaching rooms, workshops and special rooms are also at your disposal outside of teaching hours. Large gymnasium, football and beach volleyball court, theater stage/black box, rehearsal room and studio. All this is surrounded by a large outdoor area with park facilities.

In the evenings you can partake in games, sports and several other activities.

Start a brand new journey at Stavern folk high school!

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