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Would you like to improve your own dance skills and develop artistic projects together with others? Then this class is just the thing for you!

Who is this class suitable for?
The Dance and Creativity class is both for those who have danced loads and consider getting an education in the field, and for those who simply would love to find out more about different forms of dance and choreography. All will receive help and guidance in accordance with their level.

In the Dancing and Creativity class, our aim is that you will become a better dancer, technically and artistically. We do this through improvisation, dance classes, production of dance projects, both within the class and in collaboration with the art, music, and photography classes. In this class, we emphasize the creative aspect of dancing, and take great interest in you as a student.

The aim is to give form to a safe community, which lies at the basis of the work we do. We work towards shaping a team in which all contribute to each other’s development by helping, inspiring, and motivating each other.

Weekly classes in jazz dance, contemporary dance, and improvisation sets the groundwork for your technical improvement, in addition to strength and mobility training. We focus on personal development independently of your level and do this by challenging ourselves. We also set up individual sessions for follow-up.

At school we have two great dance rooms with wall mirrors and ballet barre, our own group room for theory instruction, together with rooms for both strength and condition training. And we have Oslo city with the Opera and Dansens Hus, Kulturnatt, Elvelangs ++

Mandatory: Nei

Price: 13 500

Duration: 8-12 dager

Meals included per day: 3

During October, together with the Singer/Songwriter and Production class, we will travel to see some of Europe’s best cultural life. Namely, to Amsterdam and Berlin. Before travelling, we will collaborate with the other class to develop a project that we will be able to show around during the trip. 

Amsterdam and Berlin are rich in culture life and lots of fascinating history. We will go watch many performances and come in close contact with the dancing environment through dance classes, where we shall meet other teachers and dance side by side dancers from all over Europe. Additionally, we will be staying at cool cafes and restaurants in an intriguing metropolitan atmosphere and walk the streets for some eventual vintage-shopping.

The most important thing we bring back home is in any case the community whose bonds will be closely knit during the many shared experiences that the trip has in store for us. 

Rønningen offers an alternative to the trip abroad to all its students: a study trip in Oslo! This is a tuition-free alternative for those students that do not come along in the travels abroad.

The Goal In addition to the Norwegian course you will get the opportunity to participate in various cultural activities, and study different subjects together with Norwegian students both inside and outside Rønningen.

This contributes to your integration, and makes it easy to get to know Norwegian fellow students and thus practise your Norwegian.

Content 300 hours of Norwegian Language
Introduction to Norwegian Culture, history and way of life
Intercultural Communication and Understanding

Rønningen is a boarding school in the Nordic Folk High School tradition. The school can accommodate up to 170 students in single or double rooms.

Students come from all over Norway and many other parts of the world. The school year is 33 weeks and runs from mid-August to mid-May. Excellent communicative english skills are required.

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