With Explore Norway, we want to gather young people from all over the world for a unique experience of our country. We want to give you an adventureous year where you experiece the very best Norway has to offer when it comes to nature, food, activities and friendships.

Our school is beautifully situated in the very South of Norway, with spectacular ocean surrounding us on three sides, and impressive mountains available, not far away.

We can offer you lots of different sea activities like sailing in small and big boats, paddling, canooing, rafting, fishing, swimming, snorkelling and diving, as well as trips to the mountains on foot, but also with skies on.

You will join us to visit extraordinary mountains, with and without snow, beautiful waterfalls, pictoresque villages and also to other places in Scandinavia.

At the school you will be able to invest in friendships for life, living 24/7 together with youth from all over Norway and other countries. Every day will be full of interesting and fun activities, arranged by the staff, but also by the students themselves, after school hours. 

We believe that a year at Kristiansand folkehøyskole will give you unforgettable memories, wonderful friendships and spectacular moments in Norwegian nature, as well as lots of precious learning.

Applicants to Explore Norway may apply for His Majesty King Olav`s Centennial Fund, a scholarship that will cover parts of the costs of the schoolyear. To be considered, you have to fulfill the requirements.  

Explore Norway: Welcome to Norway and a year where you learn about and explore our beautiful country, our culture and our language. You will get the chance to visit many famous places and experience Norwegian nature, culture, climate and society.  

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