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Ta kontakt med hege@harstadfolkehogskole.no eller på telefon 47041426 for mer informasjon

In the middle of fjords and mountains, situated right next to the coastal town Harstad, you will find Harstad Folk High School. We have six very diffrerent main subjects, and this variety of young people with different interests, gives diversty in the social environment.

We have 6 special interest groups:

  • Festival Event Management
  • Music Live Studio
  • Theatre and Film
  • Working with Children and youths
  • Choosing a career/self-development
  • Outdoors for beginners

The school can receive up to 72 students, which all live on campus and take part in common practical tasks, as well as their main subject. In addition we offer a variety of elective subjects such as volleyball, music, film/video, arts and crafts, swimming,song writing, guitar beginners course. We also offer Norwegian for beginners as a elective subject, lessons in language and culture. 

In the afternoons and in the weekends there are different happenings, seminars and social gatherings, like: pooltournaments, halloweenparty, hikes, bonfires, boardgames-evenings, movie-marathons, visiting historical landmarks, playing football, girls nights, boys nights, show-times - where we go to the theatre, the movies,

The coastal town Harstad in the middle of Northern Norway has approximatley 25 000 inhabitants, and is in walking distance from the school. 

Courses at the school

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