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Finances and Applications

Cost of a School Year

You pay between NOK 73,000 and NOK 161,000 a year to attend a folk high school. It is the major subject that you select that affects the cost the most. In addition, the cost varies depending on what study trip you go on.

On average, a folk high school year costs NOK 114 200.

This includes (average prices):

Some schools also offer elective and voluntary study tours which are not included. During such travels, meals may also be additional.

Each school has its own website where you will find out more about their courses, instruction, school life and the school itself.

When you have decided which folk high school you are interested in, send an application to this school. When the school receives your application, you will have an answer in a few weeks. If you are accepted, you will have a few weeks to consider the offer and pay a registration fee (approximately NOK 2100).

There is no closing date for applying to a folk high school. Students are admitted until the school is filled up or until the beginning of the school year.

However, if you are a student from outside the European Union (EU), schools strongly encourage early applications and they will give you give an answer within a few weeks. At that time you also need to apply for a residence permit. This can take up to several months.

Courses in Norwegian language and culture usually fill up quickly, so it pays to apply early (February – April).

Some foreign applicants must pay a fee to the school before applying for a residence permit. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) requires that applicants from countries outside the EU/EEA area deposit a guarantee amount (a good faith payment) in the school’s bank account before processing an application for a residence permit. This money will be refunded if a residence permit is denied.

Further information may be found on the home page of UDI

Citizens of the Nordic countries do not need a residence permit. Citizens from EU countries need not apply for a residence permit in Norway in advance, but local police must be notified.