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If you’re thinking about a career within IT, or even “just curious” to learn more about it, this is the programme for you!

The programme is not only focused on graphic design, programming, hardware, image editing, game development and hands-on experience. We also make time for active exploration of Voss’s wonderful natural surroundings, and—perhaps the most important skill for all computer developers—try to develop a good sense of humour!

The IT programme is a multifaceted experience, in which you get to test out new and creative ways of using computers. We aim to provide a solid foundation for taking your studies further, whether it be at university, at the workplace or simply in your free time.

Class instruction is organised around different topics, with a brief theoretical introduction followed by lots of hand-on work. In it you will experience all sides of development, not simply the technical aspects.
Apart from assignments within the different classes, we work on projects that are rooted in the students’ interests.

We also work together with other programmes at the school, giving you the chance to learn a lot about whatever you like!

– Trip to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley
– Visiting educational institutions and businesses
– Graphic design, photo and image editing, webpage design and programming, game development in Unity, hardware, computer programming
– Special projects where you gain practical experience
– Choose your own path of instruction and learning, with support from others
Study trip to San Francisco
and Silicon Valley.
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